How Kids Benefit From Play

Play is a child’s first “job”, and the best building toys for toddlers can allow them to experiment with the world around them in a safe way. While play may look like foolishness to busy adults, there’s actually a significant amount of work going on.

Below are some of the things children learn during play, as well as some tips for parents on boosting the benefits of playtime with the best educational toys for babies.


It Sparks the Imagination

Imaginative or pretend play is one of the biggest parts of your young child’s world, and most kids start demonstrating such behaviors at about age 2. Today’s electric ride on cars for toddlers can spark kids’ imagination, as they’re used to stand for a variety of other vehicles such as police cars and race cars. When a child transforms a plaything into something else entirely, they step into another role. By experimenting with multiple identities and jobs, your child can try on a variety of situations and outcomes. Imaginative playtime gives kids a sense of control as they process the events of everyday life and sharpen their social skills.

Play Increases Kids’ Social Skills

When your kids are toddlers, they play alongside one another without communicating. However, as they get older and start school, they begin to interact with one another through the creation of complex storylines. As they play on the best outdoor play structures and use kids wall decals, they learn how to share, negotiate and cooperate. When kids learn how to resolve disagreements during play, they develop social skills that will serve them well later on in life.

Advancing Physical Development

Different kinds of play can augment different skills. For instance, skipping rope requires balance and endurance, climbing the best outdoor playhouses requires strength, and sports require hand/eye coordination. Large motor skills are the first to improve, but finer motor skills are not far behind. When your toddler stacks blocks, they develop coordination and learn about balance and gravity at the same time.

Your Role at Playtime

During playtime, parents like you can help by allowing the child to take the lead. Let your child decide what to do and how to do it within time and safety constraints; this allows the child to try out his/her judgment and it tells you what they’re interested in. As your child plays with the best train sets for toddlers and invites you into their make-believe world, take it as an opportunity to build his/her self-esteem.

While play may seem like a lot of silliness to a busy parent, it’s actually very important to your child’s physical, mental and emotional development. By considering the tips and factors listed here, you can give your child the tools, skills and space to develop.